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Tegon: The AI-first Issue Tracking Tool

Modern, fast, open source platform to simplify issue tracking for engineering teams.

Issue Tracking is important for fast-paced teams, enabling them to organize list of tasks, collaborate, and track progress effectively. However, existing tools often introduce the following challenges:

  • Manual efforts in task management, such as task triaging and backlog maintenance, can be time-consuming.
  • Engineers often loose time navigating multiple platforms to gather task context, rather than accessing details within the task itself.
  • Issue tracking tools serve as a task database, directing engineers on what to work on but not aiding in faster task completion.
  • Existing tools don't effectively assist Engineering Managers in real-time task, feature, or bug prioritisation.


  • Issues Tracking (List and Kanban View)
  • Automatically create a title from the description, eliminating the need to spend time crafting the perfect title
  • Custom Views
  • Sprints (coming soon)
  • Task Prioritisation (coming soon)
  • Suggest Stack Overflow references for Sentry-linked bug issues (coming soon)


  • Github: Automatically update issues status based on commits and pull requests and link mentions of issues back to Tegon
  • Slack: Mention the Tegon bot in a Slack channel to automatically create a bug or feature request. Link a Slack thread to an issue to provide full context about the discussions happening on a specific task or a feature request.
  • Sentry: Get information about Sentry errors in Tegon issues